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Vinny is retired from Law Enforcement after 25 years of service. He was the co-owner of Motor City CrossFit and certified trainer for 12 years. During his career, physical fitness was not a luxury, but a requirement to perform his duties as a SWAT officer and instructor, weapons instructor, defensive tactics instructor, combat deployed infantry Paratrooper, and street cop in the Metro Detroit area. At 52 years old, and after 25 years of group organized physical training and instruction, the focus is now on longevity and staying healthy/active for the long haul. 2 years ago, he moved to the area with his wife, Joanna and son Dominic, and built their forever home. He is looking forward to bringing his experience and training techniques to CrossFit Dunes and the Frankfort community. 


Everyday is a choice! Reach out, today is a great day for a workout. 


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