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Holly was raised in Frankfort and now is a Kindergarten teacher in Frankfort Elementary. She has been in the classroom and working with children throughout her life and has fallen in love with teaching the littles. Holly and her husband, Chad, have 6 children with ages ranging from 20 to 0. She has always enjoyed running and working out and keeping in shape helps her keep up with all of the children in her life. Running has always been her favorite and her escape from life stresses, but after 3 hip surgeries and 4 babies, the running had to slow down. Chad introduced her to CrossFit and it soon became her new hobby. Holly has also been interested in the way that food fuels the body. She believes that food is the only medicine needed and the right amount of it can do wonders for the body. She is excited to share her experiences and knowledge with others who are interested in keeping their bodies in shape. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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