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Donna first got serious about health and fitness after the birth of her first two children, 15 months apart. She realized that mothers need to be strong and take care of themselves first!

She decided to go back to school for a degree in Exercise Science and Technology and began working as an ACE certified personal trainer in 2006. She was always interested in the holistic aspect of health and followed pioneers of mind/body work like Louise Hay and biomechanics therapist Pete Egoscue. After taking classes in Tom Myers fascia training and Thai Bodywork, she found the CHEK Institute and there became certified as CHEK Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coach. Since moving to Frankfort, MI in 2011, Donna has had the pleasure of working with nearly every demographic. From high school ski and basketball teams to "Biggest Loser" groups to seniors working on their golf game as well as those hard-working mothers staying the best versions of themselves possible. She loves the variety of High Intensity Training to Zen Breath work and continues to put many different "tools in her toolbox" to stay diverse and knowledgeable. 

As a lifelong seeker and student, Donna is currently in her 3rd year of staying Trigger-Point Therapy and postural correction. She believes that one of her best skills is identifying where

clients' bodies have gotten out of 'whack' and helping them find the techniques to allow them to be mobile, flexible and balanced. 

Donna lives in daily gratitude in the blessings of living in the

beauty of Northern Michigan and the ability to do work that she lives, loves, and feeds her spirit. She is thrilled to join the CrossFit Dunes community of like-minded, positive, health warriors. 


Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have.

...What are you grateful for today?

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