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Chad is a retired infantry Marine with multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He now is enjoying his retirement as a professional hunting guide at the world famous Sanctuary Ranch in Stanwood Michigan. Chad's home life is just as exciting. He is married to his beautiful wife, Holly, and together they have 6 wonderful children. During his time at home he enjoys spending time with his family, CrossFit, weight training, and hunting. Chad was first introduced to CrossFit while in the Marine Corps by a close friend. After retiring from the Marines, he and his wife started working out and discovered that the CrossFit workouts they were doing had drastically improved their fitness level. They started watching videos and following the WOD to better learn the CrossFit techniques. After the basic concepts and understanding, Chad and Holly enhanced their skills at various gyms around Michigan. Struggling with PTSD, survival guilt, depression, and life stresses, Chad was searching for an outlet. He craved the sense of accomplishment, brotherhood, and camaraderie that the Marines had brought into his life. Chad found that CrossFit has provided this outlet for him and is now wanting to share his knowledge and experiences with others. Chad has 25 years of experience in weight training and 10 years of experience doing CrossFit. Chad is a CrossFit level 1 coach and is excited to teach CrossFit and help others achieve their fitness goals!


Fitness isn't a goal its a lifestyle! Call Today!


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