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Carly is a born and raised benzie county resident with deep family roots. She attended benzie central high school where she participated in football, basketball, volleyball, and track. More often than not she was assigned the role of a captain solely for her ability to pull up the team morale. After school she jumped straight into the full time work and family life. 
A single mother to one amazing son, Cayden. They enjoy rock hunting, singing, outside activities, sunset watching, and quality time. Now as he’s nearing teenage years, Carly decided to take back some self love time. 
CrossFit Dunes comes to Frankfort and she falls in love with Coach Randi’s spin class. The energy, the chemistry, and the ability to overcome hard things as a team has her hooked. 
Being a full time mother with a full time job, only able to attend one class a week, she decided to take the leap. Offering a spin class before the world wakes up would give opportunities to the full timers out there, who want to make an effort to stay in shape. Her high energy and positivity is contagious in all the right ways, and there’s no better way to greet your day than with gratitude and accomplishment within yourself. 



Here we are, living on time that we never get back. There’s no better way to spend it than bettering yourself. Show peace and spread love 💜

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